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MarketReach is committed to changing the way businesses think about communicating with their prospective universe, and the impact such communication has on the bottom line. From Start-Ups to Fortune 500 companies, MarketReach has helped businesses of all sizes to connect with their ideal prospects.

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Our Clients and What They Say


We have worked with telemarketing firms in the past, with much left to be desired. We are extremely impressed with MarketReach’s performance and process. We received 10 well-vetted, quality appointments in our pilot, all with great potential to close. One closed deal pays for many months of telemarketing. Their attention to detail, communication and deliverable far exceeded our expectations.
Maryelizabeth Zacharias, DIA - EVP, Client Experience & Benefits Practice Leader


Our biggest obstacle was finding a quality telemarketing and appointment setting firm. With previous telemarketing vendors, we consistently experienced low-quality appointments. Our brand message was never communicated clearly. MarketReach is different. They have done an awesome job in representing our company, delivering quality appointments with high closing potential. Their detailed notes prepare our sales team for each appointment, so that they can “pick-up” where MarketReach left off, creating a seamless process. They’ve maintained strong communication throughout the life of our campaign.
Stephanie Amato - Managing Partner


When I needed to introduce our vending and Avanti Markets to new (prospects in) large markets, I turned to MarketReach. I couldn’t have been happier that I did. From script writing, data management and high-quality leads- MarketReach stands at the top. The callers truly understand the vending space and the mindset of facility and HR decision-makers. I would recommend MarketReach to anyone who needs to fast track their sales objectives.
Ed Dooley - President


We have a diverse marketing plan but found MarketReach the best return on investment. Their process penetrates a very difficult geography to reach our key targets. MarketReach also has an exceptional ability to train their staff on our core products while providing key representation and identifying the most lucrative opportunities.
Richie Trapani - Partner


The steady flow of warm leads produced has been a great tool for me to grow new accounts. Before MarketReach, we had equipment sitting around in our warehouse. Once we started using MarketReach I was able to acquire enough leads to place all those pieces of machinery into profitable locations. In addition to that, the leadsheets that MarketReach provided us contained accurate information and invaluable sales insights that helped me close each deal.
Jon Evans - President


MarketReach is a leader in the field. We had over 50% ROI since our first campaign! Their interview process yielded an excellent call script and their callers did a great job conveying our message. I would highly recommend MarketReach to businesses of all sizes for effective and reliable lead generation.
John Sans - General Manager


MarketReach has been a key part of our marketing program for over 2 years, and we have been extremely satisfied. MarketReach has kept all their commitments and exceeded our expectations. When the prospect is talking with MarketReach, they believe they are talking to our company directly. MarketReach has increased our productivity by allowing our sales team to focus on what they do best (closing sales), and has saved us money on the time spent with cold call development.
Shawn Martin - President


MarketReach dedicated the time to understand our company and objectives to strategically target key prospects on our behalf. Their strategy is second to none. MarketReach has navigated a difficult audience with a strong message. They serve as great ambassadors for our company, leading even our own prospects to express admiration about the callers.
Christina Murphy - Sales Executive


MarketReach is impressive. They took the time to achieve a thorough understanding of our company, industry, and selling points - which made a great impression on our prospects. It is projected that we will close about half (20 accounts) with an annual revenue of $50,000.
John Auriemma - CEO


MarketReach is the best lead generation firm around. They provided exceptional prospects with a high ratio to close, along with referrals. Just a handful of clients translates to over $100,000.00 in new revenue!
Marc Daichman - Owner


The cost is justified by the quality and quantity of leads! This year alone, the leads secured by MarketReach have yielded growth between $75k and $150k, and even more over the lifetime value.
George Moore - President


We have closed a couple of MicroMarkets using their service and have a couple of more on the fence. The revenue generated from one market, in one month, paid for the whole campaign. This is a turn-key tool that works.
Mark Lathrop - President


MarketReach has dramatically increased our sales pipeline. We closed three deals for a total of $345,000.00. In addition to that, we have more prospects that I’m positive will come through in the coming months- which means that I am confident that our revenue will grow even more!
Terry Burns - Vice President


We were hoping for 5-6 good leads during our initial pilot test. We never imagined we would have 33 appointments in our initial pilot test. The level of service and results is by far the best I’ve ever seen in all my years in this industry.
Scott Meskin - President


As MarketReach started to develop more and more appointments for me and my producers, the new revenue opportunities became very clear. After we won our first deal (which included a combination of insurance policies that totaled nearly $100K in premiums), we felt even better about the future possibilities. The appointments from MarketReach are high-quality and include a great set of notes that allow our producers to come in prepared to talk to the true business concerns of the prospect. MarketReach appointments have been a great tool for our team to generate new customers and revenue!
Michael Beckerman - President

Winston Dunn

Our work with MarketReach worked better than we expected. The growth in our sales pipeline was great. The communication and follow through by the Administration is excellent!
Ron Lieberman - Founding Partner


As a client of 8 years, MarketReach does the prospecting that I don’t have the time, interest of skill to do. It's important to keep a well-oiled marketing machine going all year to fill the sales pipeline if you want to grow!
Jerry Robinson - Founder


For far less cost than hiring a salesperson (and without the headache), I get a sales partner already skilled in the art of prospecting dental practices. I get qualified, quality opportunities won a regular basis to grow my business.
Leon Kagan - President

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